Cryptic Jade Dynasty

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We are back Low rates, x25 EXP/DROPS/GOLD. PvE at start then PvP for end game. Earn your gear and dominate the Server with your class. Instances working - No Elysium - Helpful GMs - Everyone is equal. Even GMs No special treatment for anyone.

This Server is all about the playing and teamwork just like the Official Server. Rates are low that make it possible to work for your gear and work for your Character. No more instant Level 150 and no more instant Tier 5. The more you work, the more you get out of it. This is not a Pay to Win Server. It is all up to you. Players mean a lot to us and we will always listen. If there is anything you want in the game, let us know, if there is something wrong with an update, let us know. Our Support Server is on Discord and we are always available to talk on there and in Game. - Come Join Us Today

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Cryptic PvP 3.0.1 x25 1000
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